Likkle Gallery is a Polished up Dollhouse and front lawn space meant for miniatures. We are a Gallery and installations space that focuses on showcasing artist from all over. Currently we are located in New York.

We hope to help create opportunities for artist  to have their work seen and hopefully we can help them sell some of their art!

Show length will be determined by what is submitted in the proposal. If you want to attend a virtual viewing of our shows you can see them virtually through Photographs and Videos shared on the website and our Instagram @Likklegallery.

For submissions, submit here.

The Dollhouse was renovated by and run by Artist and Art Educator Anthony Jackson (@Bugzdale) and Creative Director Joshua Lee (

Mission Statement:

Likkle Gallery provides artist a opportunity to showcases their work, and to hopefully help create a community of artist! Our goal is to show underrepresented artist including BIPOC, LGBTQ, and Womxn artist. We know that working at a smaller scale can be beneficial for artist in variety of ways. 

Were commited to showing engaging work, so there are no education requirements. We want to support other artist so there is no submission fee. We ask for a 15% Gallery Fee for every sale, sales can be organized by the Gallery or Artist. 

"Likkle Gallery"?:

If you're not from the Caribbean or don't know someone from Caribbean you're probably spending a few moments trying to pronounce the word "likkle". Likkle is used to describe something small, in the Jamaican slang. We spent some time thinking of what to call our Gallery space and we wanted it to have some real connections to Bugzdale and his home Jamaica. So he thought "Likkle Gallery" would be a good name since his father gave him the nick-name "likkle me" as a child.

It truly is the perfect name for our space!


January 3 - January 14, 2022.


September 20 - October 4, 2021.


September 20 - October 4, 2021.


This will be a month long exhibition starting June 1, 2021 ending July 1, 2021 to celebrate our Gallery opening!