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Likkle Gallery Presents Bugzdale


Bugzdale (also known as Anthony Jackson)

June 1 - July 1 2021

Artist Statement

I wanted to represent these figures’ “humanness” outside of media stereotypes. I wanted to see more individuals that looked like me, individuals from my community, individuals that would normally never be seen on the walls of a museum or gallery. I wanted them to be seen for who they are: proud, free and living in a world free from judgment and surrounded by love. This is how they deserve to be viewed by society. 
Each person that I decided to include in my work walks a different path and has a different purpose on earth. The one true connection between each of these individuals is the hardship each faces being a black man or woman in this world. Not every story is the same, but there are similarities in life experiences. I am tired of being looked at as a threat to society, tired of not being looked at as equal, tired of being looked down on, tired of being labeled in whichever way the world wants to classify us, and especially tired of going to museums and not seeing more black artists or black people being represented in a positive way. I work so that the next generation of black youth can aspire to a better life, so that they can be able to put their minds to anything they choose and not feel like they cannot succeed in this world unless they are a white male or female. My aim is to spark change in this world, locally and globally, through making and sharing my art.



Instagram: @Bugzdale

Facebook: @Bugzdale Media

Tiktok: @Bugzdale

Twitter: @Bugzdale

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