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“I do not think identity belongs to the individual. Identity is like a jacket. People you never see will make it and you wear it. Identity is something other than you, outside of you. It’s a question of perception. You can be aware of it and manipulate it, play with it, amplify it, or mask it for infinite reasons" Kutlug Ataman.


Everyone that I decided to include comes from different paths and has different purposes on this earth. The one true connection between each individual is the hardship each faces of being a black man or woman in this world. Not every story is the same but there are similarities in life experiences. I’m tired of being looked as a threat to society, tired of not being looked as equal, tired of being looked down upon, tired of being labeled as whatever the world wants to classify us as, and especially tired of going to museums and not seeing more black artists or black people being represented in a positive way. So that the next generation of black youth can have aspirations for a better life and to be able to put our minds to anything and not feel like we cannot succeed in this world unless we are a Caucasian male or female, I aspire to spark change in the way we think as individuals so we can change globally.


Graphic/Web Design 






2017 / Painting/Drawing Departmental Award / Albany, NY

2017 / 2017 Roanne Kulakoff Award / Albany, NY

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