Please read through to learn about the house and front yard before submitting work. We offer solo and group exhibitions as well as artist residences. We're very excited to your show proposals!

What is the space like?

Likkle Gallery is a 35" x  28" x 33" dollhouse with 6  rooms vary in heights so please review our floor plans below. Work can be displayed  in any room, anywhere listed outside and we are also open to any other suggestions. 


For more photos of the space with art inside, please see exhibitions.


What type of work do i submit?

Here at Likkle Gallery we are looking for engaging work, you don't have to use the whole space but we would like for you to pick at least one of the rooms. All Mediums are welcome! 

Front View
Front View

Close up
Close up


Front View
Front View


What should my submission include?

- Name, Pronouns, City, State.

- A short statement about your work. (150 words max)

- A brief description of how you plan to use the space and show. Also if state whether this is new or already created work.. (150 words max)

-10 or fewer images of works or sample works

-A link to your website and/or instragram to view your work.

How do I submit?

Email your submission materials to

Thank you! :)