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Likkle Gallery invites emerging, established, and Untapped artist including BIPOC, LGBTQ, and Womxn artists to submit artwork for an opportunity to participate in having a "solo or group" Exhibition. 
We are looking for a diverse body of artwork in all mediums and styles, this will be a mixed group show of recent/older artwork created by contemporary artists, exhibiting what they have been working on. The gallery will advertise and promote the selected artists for the exhibition. If you are looking for gallery representation and to participate in an Art Show in New York City, submit your art that we may discover your compelling work and present it to the public, gallery directors, curators and collectors.

Open to all Artists in all media and forms of art. (We will accept prints of the work if sizing is an issue, we also can print your work for a small fee.)

How to submit:

Please submit your work through the link above to be considered, remember to check sizing when submitting work. The floor plans measurements are in inches not feet, most of the rooms are about 9inches tall. So work that best fits into the space is 6x6 or smaller. (This is a dollhouse gallery not a actual building where you can visit). Please submit your proposals through the link in our bio to be considered (There is no link to submit work, it is our emails along with the submission materials listed on our website).

Thank you for your submissions! 

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