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Likkle Gallery Presents
Sarah Gilbert


Sarah Gilbert

June 20 - July 4, 2022.

Artist Statement

“Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, otherwise known as SarahDidThese and I’m an artist from Southern California. I would best describe my art as eccentric mixed media chaos. I find influence from Van Gogh, as well as guitar art originating all the way back to the 1970’s. The painted guitars of that time were so raw and beautiful, and greatly inspired me in my own journey. My art originated through my own mental health journey, and finding acceptance within myself and my own true identity, which took me a long time to accept. Art, greatly influenced my progression in to becoming who I am. I hope through my art that people realize that it’s okay to practice social acceptance of all forms, and treat everyone with complete and total equality. I hope you enjoy my work! ”

Instagram: @sarahdidthese


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